Client Reviews

My reading with Dianne shed light into previously unknown aspects of my natal chart, and offered insight into my current state of affairs. Her words left me with a feeling of excitement for what is going to happen next in my life!

Tom Christ


Absolutely AMAZING is all I can say about my astrology reading with Dianne! She is quite good at what she does and was spot on with me! I highly recommend a reading from her! I will be back soon Dianne! Thank you!

Wendy Mundy


When I had my reading with Dianne, I was amazed at how many of the details seemed to fit with my life and goals. However, what was more important were the actionable steps and plan we were able to create through the reading. Now coming up to the month end those steps have been producing positive results. I would highly recommend a reading with Dianne, mine has helped me to take my performance to the next level!

Judy M


I recently had the pleasure of having an Astrology reading done with Dianne.  I found it to be really fascinating as to the aspects of my personality and the accuracy of the information that was provided to me.  It was very exciting as I have been wanting this information for more than 20 years. Dianne was able to explain things to me in a clear concise manner that was relaxing and comfortable during our Skype reading.  I have already recommended several of my peers to get their own sessions, and three of them have booked with her this week!  Sign up for a reading before her waiting list gets really long!

Paisley Town


I had an awesome reading from Dianne. Very insightful and gave me lots to think about. I would totally recommend her. Very impressed with her insight and had me pegged right off the bat. You won’t be disappointed.



I had the opportunity to receive a reading from Dianne. After reading my chart we discussed her interpretation. She gave me adequate time to ask questions and used intuition to guide her in addition to her knowledge of astrology. The result is that my life path was defined and I have a greater understanding of my experience and how to realize my dreams. I will definitely contact Dianne again.

Karen W


I had the pleasure of meeting Dianne a week ago, when I had a reading with her. It was amazing! So insightful regarding my life path up to now, she answered so many questions I had about myself. Dianne’s reading gave me so many tools to work with going forward in life, and a better understanding of who I am, and better yet, who I can be.I highly recommend a reading with this wonderful lady. Thank-you, Dianne.



I highly recommend you try Dianne at Beyond Star Signs Astrology, I had an amazing reading with her and was very impressed with her knowledge and  insight.

Risa Bassetto


Awesome reading with Beyond Star Signs Astrology. I did not realize how interconnected we are with all the planets, sun, stars, moon. Also, she was dead-on with a lot of my stuff. Right now I am trying to process it all. It has left me feeling lighter mentally. I am in awe of it all. Thank u.