Coaching and Reading Options

Choose your coaching/reading session type below and then go to the payment page for your next step.

Feel free to email me for questions about these readings. I’m at Or, better yet, sign up for one and experience it for yourself.

What different types of readings and teaching services do you offer?

All readings (and/or coaching) is done on the Zoom platform, and are prepaid using PayPal or Square prior to any reading or coaching.

im1Natal readings – 60 minutes. This reading explores who you are, reviews how you react to your past and present, identifies life patterns, and future possibilities.  Check out prices here (sliding scale).


im2Progressed Charts, Solar Arc, Current Transits, Solar Return Charts – 60 minutes. These charts look at what’s happening now in your life (this might be where some people really want to start), and where you’re heading. Check out prices here 


im3Intuitive Life Readings with Tarot – 30 minutes. These are shorter readings using tarot cards that give you life consulting assistance right now in your situation. Check out prices here.


blue glyph Coaching using Astrology – 60 minutes. I’m having a number of clients interested in this option as we review what’s happening in your transit chart when compared to your natal chart. You can sign up for an individual session or a group of consulting sessions so you can monitor your progression over a period of time. Check out prices here.

head full of astrologyLearn Astrology and/or Tarot, either in private or group classes – 60 minutes. Call for pricing and details. Check out prices here.


life coaching imageLife Coaching sessions – 60 minutes. If where you are in your life, isn’t where you want to be, and you need a bit of help to get where you want to go, I can assist. Call me and we can set up an introductory free consulting session so you can see if life consulting is a fit for you. Check out prices here.