Dianne of Beyond Star Signs
Certified Professional Astrologer
Certified Professional Life Coach

Beyond Star Signs

Certified Professional Astrologer and Certified Professional Life Coach.

I am a constant learner and as astrology (and the planets) are always changing — there’s constantly more to monitor and be aware of — thus, it fits me well. All that I study, I get to share with you. So much has changed in astrology over the past thirty years, heck, even the last year, and it’s fascinating to see all that is shown in your natal chart, solar return, progressed chart, solar arc, or even just how your chart is currently interacting with the transits of the day.

Coaching complements my astrology practice well. It allows me to assist clients using conversation and exercises to move them forward in their life in a gentle manner. It’s important to keep growing and moving through this “life” experience and LEVEL UP to your next level of development and/or evolution, as opposed to, well, not growing. As humans, we have to change – it’s really the only constant, and some of us are more open than others to changing. Change is work, and often, we need a bit of help to move us forward into our next learning experience.

I look forward to working with you.

Astrology and Coaching Session Explanation

What’s involved in an astrological reading, ‘consultation using astrology’ session, or life consulting appointment?

Six consulting / reading styles are offered:

For Astrology, I do Natal, and Progressed chart interpretations. What that means to you is… I’ll take a look at what’s showing up in your Natal Chart and we’ll talk about what’s happening there. Some patterns from your childhood may still be affecting you now and we can chat about how things are going.

After that, we will take a look at what’s happening now in your transit chart and how it compares to your natal and progressed chart, and see how the two compare.

At this point, you may have questions about what’s occurring in your life right now, and that might be relationship oriented, business, moving or relocating, career, or other areas of interests, and / or all of those may come into play. Here’s where the conversation will get interesting. We can discover, together, what the planets are displaying. My aim is for you to have the best life possible!

And annually, you’ll want to check in for a solar chart reading. That will talk about what’s happening in your current year, and what to expect.

Many of my regulars like to set themselves up for consulting on a consistent basis (annually) so they can match timing, career direction, love matches with astrology and see how the two or three correlate in their lives.

Other clients only want one ‘consulting using astrology‘ session and that’s fine too. Either will help you see where you are and what you can do to move forward, if you choose to make a change.

Still other clients are quite interested in learning more about astrology and sign up for individual or group lessons so they can hone their skills.

For those interested in life coaching appointment, it might be time to move yourself forward, and you may need a little help to do that. That’s where I come in. Call me and we can set up an introductory life coaching session that fits your schedule.

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